10 Good Black Friday Deals on Those Bed-In-A-Box Mattresses


    10 Good Black Friday Deals on Those Bed-In-A-Box Mattresses

    The bed-in-a-box mattress boom shows no sign of dropping off. This of course means you have an anxiety-inducing array of choices at hand when buying a new mattress online. But there’s no need to lose sleep over choosing the right one to nestle in your bed frame because we’ve done that for you right here. What’s more, these super slumber slabs are all included in some nice Black Friday sales right now, so grab them while you can and sleep soundly tucked up in your duvet at night knowing that if nothing else you bought wisely and cheaply.

    WIRED’s Black Friday Edits

    Brook + Wilde has 40 percent off site-wide for Black Friday and Cyber Monday (applied at checkout), and that includes our favourite Elite option. The Elite provides eight layers—including a memory foam layer—2,500 pocket springs and is available in ‘soft’, ‘medium’ or ‘firm’ to suit your preference. The cheapest single mattress option is down to £540, while, if you’re lucky enough to have a super king bed, you can get £559 off right now—bringing it down to £840.

    The Eve Premium Hybrid mattress is one of the pricier options available to you when considering the wares of one of the many bed-in-a-box retailers. The Premium Hybrid earns its luxe price point by being ideal for restless sleepers. You and your partner can go about your nights however you wish on your own sides of the bed with little disturbance to the other, thanks to this luxe mattress (saving many a frustrated elbow dig).

    Mattress veteran Silentnight isn’t afraid of the changing times and that’s on display with this eco-friendly sleep-facilitator. It’s equipped with sustainable fibres that still do the key job of keeping you cool during the night while the mattress is also fully recyclable. Along with its comfort and eco chops, the Silentnight range has got an eye-opening 20% off its entire range over at John Lewis right now, bringing this low cost mattress down even further.

    If you’re looking for a swanky night’s sleep 365 days a year then the Tempur brand is one to consider. Its high prices are also slashed by £200 across John Lewis for Black Friday, making them more inviting than usual. The Tempur mattress earns its price with a luxury soft fabric cover on the top of your mattress and individually pocketed steel springs within. The memory foam gently contours to your sleeping position while absorbing motion too for individual comfort.

    Like Brook and Wilde, Simba is touting big sitewide discounts this shopping season. One of our top picks, the Hybrid Pro can be picked up for £681 for a double and £780 for a king, with more options available too. This Pro mattress uses an Aerocoil spring to provided enhanced support and comfort along with a wool layer for keeping you cool during the night. If you’re looking for a deep mattress this Black Friday, the Simba is the best option.

    The Nectar memory foam mattress is one of your best bets if you’ve long felt unsupported in bed. Whether it’s putting your head down for a good night’s sleep or sitting up to watch a bit of TV, the Once placed in your bed base, the Nectar ensures there’s little pressure in the wrong places, accomodating your sleeping position. It uses a three-layer design to provide this support along with pleasing comfort. This Black Friday, Nectar is touting 45 percent off any mattress, and it’s not quite half off versus recent prices, a nice £32 off this well-priced double mattress isn’t bad.

    The Sealy Nostromo—yes, it is called that and, no, we don’t know if an alien comes with it as an added extra— is a medium-feel mattress made for the sleeper who wants to both comfort and support. That support is supplied by an army of 1,400 pocket springs. It’s also great for those with allergies, with its hypoallergenic materials getting an endorsement from Allergy UK.

    The Casper Hybrid aims to be all things to all people, and it might appeal to just that many this Black Friday with a decent chunk of cash off. This mattress offers up its AirScape tech to keep you cool during the night, while its breathability doesn’t mean it neglects support, with three zones targeted to keep your spine well looked after.

    If it’s ever crossed your mind that you’d fancy a more natural mattress solution, whether that’s for allergen-related reasons or otherwise, Otty has a smart option—and it’s been reduced plenty in this Black Friday mattress sale. The combination of bamboo and charcoal for its materials make this great for allergy and asthma sufferers, those with sensitive skin as well as those who like to be kept cool during the night. The price above is for the single option, but you can pick up the double (£495) for £400 off now, too.

    This mattress from Luna offers up 4,000 springs to provide a foam option with a remarkably good memory. Like the Nectar, it uses a natural material—in this case, soybean— to create a foam that aims to keep you cool throughout the night. The Memory mattress is particularly thick at 27cm and also offers strong support around the edges to avoid that pesky drop off that similar options often fall afoul of.


    During Black Friday, bed-in-a-box mattress brand Emma is offering up to 50 percent off across the site. Compared to previous recent pricing, it isn’t really that much on this mattress, but it’s a welcome small discount nonetheless. One of the beneficiaries is its excellent Original mattress. It’s a supportive mattress that’s breathable nature makes it one of the very best for regulating temperature during the night. Along with discount to the double we’ve picked here, its selection of single, small double, king and super king mattresses are all reduced as well as its other ranges outside of the stellar Original.

    For Black Friday, this king-size mattress from Made has been reduced down to the same price you typically find its double option sitting at. It’s a 3,000 spring, medium-tension pick with each spring encased in a piece of fabric to allow every one to move independently with your body. This makes this a great mattress for those looking to not disturb their partner (or vice versa).

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