Anna Paquin Shuts Down Troll Who Says She’s Not 'Queer Enough'


    Anna Paquin Shuts Down Troll Who Says She’s Not 'Queer Enough'

    True Blood star and Oscar winner Anna Paquin has had enough of trolls’ biphobia.

    In a recent series of posts on Instagram, the bisexual actress did not mince words when trolls started claiming she’s not “queer enough” because she’s married to a man, her former True Blood costar Steven Moyer.

    The trouble started when biphobes started commenting on posts that Paquin made celebrating International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia.

    Soon, Paquin posted new images on her Instagram, this time calling out the bigots in her comments. “Hey! FYI (for those unaware) June is LGBTQIA+ pride month,” she wrote. “So the folks who put their bigotry on display in the comment sections of my recent posts why don’t you hit that unfollow button right now.”

    Another post she made reads “I’m a #proudbisexual who is married to a wonderful human who happens to be a man.” The caption adds, “If he doesn’t have a problem with it, why should anyone else?” Amen, Anna! In a third post, she posted a picture of a person with the words “It’s not a phobia, you’re just an asshole” painted on their cheek. 

    The posts were made in response to one particular comment that she shared in her Instagram Stories. People posted a screenshot of the story.

    “I am getting tired of seeing ‘bi’ celebrities constantly advocate for it only to end up conventionally married to men with multiple children, living out the so-called white-picket-fence life,” the comment said. “For once it would be nice to see a genuinely bi celebrity end up with a female but I’m yet to see it so far and unfortunately that does little for the cause and makes it look like a publicity stunt more than anything.”

    Obviously this is nonsense. A bisexual person is bisexual no matter who they are in a relationship with. And just because Paquin married Moyer doesn’t make her any less bisexual or any less queer. 

    In her stories, Paquin wrote over the comment with, “ahh yes… the ‘you aren’t queer enough’ BS.”

    This is something Paquin has had to, unfortunately, defend since she came out in 2010. She’s previously defended her sexuality to Larry King when he asked her if she was a “non-practicing bisexual” in 2014.

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    Published at Fri, 21 May 2021 17:19:04 +0000