How to Have a Spectacular Thanksgiving for Two


    How to Have a Spectacular Thanksgiving for Two

    There are pros and cons to planning a Thanksgiving for two—the pro being less work and, well, fewer people. The con, however? Many cookbooks assuming you’re making dishes for extended family or a large group of people—causing a lot of unnecessary effort and creating waste. Look, leftovers are wonderful. But be honest: can you really eat sweet potatoes for seven days straight?

    So for those having a solo, or intimate, gathering this year, Vogue decided to ask the expert: Klancy Miller. Author of Cooking Solo, she has long championed the culinary joy of compact creations. While most recipes out there have a serving size of four to eight, Miller’s recipes are for one to three (so, perfect for those celebrating by themselves or with one other person). Ahead of November 25, she shares her top tips on how to execute a tiny, yet memorable, Thanksgiving—as well as her perfect holiday dessert recipe for mini chestnut cakes.

    1. Be Honest With Yourself

    “Do you feel like having an elaborate (i.e. large) holiday meal if you’re celebrating solo or with one other person? If you are up for a big meal—go forth and make all your favorite festive dishes (ask your relatives and friends for their best recipes),” says Miller. “[But] If you’re not really into a massive holiday meal this year but have the energy to cook (let’s face it, cooking fatigue is real) then focus on just one or two things to make it feel special.”

    2. Make Your Own Rules

    Thanksgiving meals are often dictated by what we think we should eat—turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie. If you’re gung-ho about those things, go for it! But if not, now’s your chance to break from tradition. “If you’re dining solo for the holidays, I would recommend you go over the top in indulging yourself with whatever you want to eat. Start with dessert? Why not?” says Miller. “Take advantage of not having to please anyone else and please yourself with whatever kind of meal you feel like eating.”

    3. Splurge—And Plan Another Great Meal With the Leftovers

    Planning a big group meal is expensive. But with only a few months to feed, why not finally get that gourmet cut of meat, or expensive wine? “Think of things you’ve been meaning to cook or splurge on and make them. If you’re a carnivore but have never cooked a rib-eye, do that,” says Miller. “Cook two and if you don’t completely devour them, the leftover meat can be used to put in tacos the next day. “

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