Meet Me on Orchard Street: How a Corner of New York’s Lower East Side Became the Place to Be


    Meet Me on Orchard Street: How a Corner of New York’s Lower East Side Became the Place to Be

    Just around the corner from Chung is Emily Bode’s lush, wood-paneled store on Hester Street, which she opened in November of 2019, and her brand-new tailoring shop next door. When Huy Luong went out to photograph the neighborhood for Vogue last Saturday, Bode was hosting a sale to support COVID relief in India, where much of her collection is produced. A crowd gathered outside to buy custom T-shirts, photographs, and snacks to benefit GiveIndia and other organizations, while a mehndi artist gave henna tattoos for $20.

    Bode’s store on Hester Street

    Friends and customers gather outside Bode’s COVID relief benefit for India

    Down the street, Bode’s new tailoring studio in the former Classic Coffee Shop

    When the festivities wrapped up that evening, Bode’s friends didn’t have to venture too far. Take a right, and they’d find themselves at Reception Bar—Chung recommends the honeydew soju—or Skin Contact, Dudley’s, or Ten Bells. Turn left, and Orchard Street quickly ends at a triangle formed by Canal Street and East Broadway, where Dimes, Cervo’s, Bacaro, Kiki’s, and Forgtmenot draw crowds of their own. Canal’s two-way traffic is closed, so their tables spill far out into the street, and a lack of skyscrapers nearby makes for unexpectedly pretty sunsets.

    You could spend an entire weekend zig-zagging between those crowd favorites and hidden gems—trust me, I have!—and never feel like you’re missing anything. That it’s all coalesced so organically and exists a little off the beaten path—far from Instagram-y matcha cafés and endless lines for trendier stores—makes it even more appealing. When Bode opened her store on Hester back in 2019, many found it an unlikely choice; not anymore.

    Visual editor: Thomas Wolfe

    Published at Sat, 22 May 2021 14:24:51 +0000