Sony X90J vs Sony XH90: which Sony 4K TV is best for you?


    Sony X90J vs Sony XH90: which Sony 4K TV is best for you?

    Chances are that if you’re looking for the best TV under £1000, you’ve probably come across Sony’s midrange offerings, and may be wondering about the Sony X90J vs Sony XH90, and wondering what the differences are. The XH90 is a model from 2020 that’s received killer price cuts, and is now one of the best bang-for-buck TVs on the market. The new X90J is its replacement model from Sony’s 2021 range, hence the similar name.

    Choosing a TV in 2021 can feel like a very expensive 16:9 minefield – or is that a 16: ninefield? – with so many letters in names and acronyms and screen types, not to mention the not-so-small matter of bags of cash. Falling down a new TV rabbit hole can be somewhat terrifying, but we’ll help to guide you to making a great buying decision!

    As we said in our Sony XH90 review last year, “the Sony XH90 offers thrilling picture performance and great upscaling” and the good news is that it has been updated since launch with 4K gaming at 120fps. This earned it a slot in our best gaming TVs as one of the best budget ways to enjoy the HDMI 2.1 functionality of your PS5 or Xbox Series X. So should you go for last year’s model and its associated price cuts or shell out for the new one? Let’s break down the differences.

    Sony X90J

    The Sony X90J will be one of 2021’s most popular TVs.

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