Thinking About Blue Light Glasses? Here’s Where to Start


    Thinking About Blue Light Glasses? Here’s Where to Start

    Price: £49 | Specsavers 

    Oliver Peoples O’Malley

    If you’re a lot more into your personal brand, these Oliver People’s frames should be at the top of your list. The American LA-based brand is well known for its luxurious designs, and they’re made in both Italy and Japan. Oliver People frames are the choice of Patrick Batemen in 2000’s American Psycho, and in real life they’ll possibly reduce the amount of eyestrain you get too. 

    Blue light filtering is available on most Oliver Peoples frames, but we decided to pick *the* Bateman’s specs in this case. At £279 for frames and £300 the blue light filtering lens, the O’Malleys aren’t cheap – but their delicate, considered design means they certainly look the part.  

    Price: £279 (+£300) | Oliver Peoples 

    Ace and Tate Pierce Extra Large 

    Acetate glasses have been having a moment for the last few years, and Amsterdam-based Ace and Tate have been at the forefront the entire time. Featuring a range of different frames in different colours – and more importantly different sizes – the Ace & Tate line-up is both varied and also affordable. 

    There are loads of frames to choose from – each suited to different styles and face shapes – but we went for the Pierce Extra Large. Ace & Tate describes the Pierce Extra Large as having ‘quirky but classic good looks for wider faces’ and after a few months use, we agree. 

    Price: From £100 | Ace and Tate 

    Cubitts Herbrand 

    Another brand with an affinity for acetate, Cubitts strikes a nice balance between design and affordability. The brand’s carefully considered frames span a range of materials, including titanium, acetate and metal – and all are available in a range of sizes too. 

    Cubitts makes the lens as well as the frames, and it’s possible to add blue light filtering for just £50. That puts most of Cubitts’ offerings – including our favourite Herbrand frame – at around £175 with a prescription, and the same without. 

    Price: £175 | Cubitts


    If you’re unsure about blue light glasses and their possible benefits, we’d recommend starting off with these COOLOO frames from Amazon. At just under £10 they’re super cheap, and still filter out harmful blue light – they even feature a nifty test to prove it.

    Each pair comes with a physical blue light and a material that reacts to blue light; shine the light onto the paper directly and there’s a reaction, shine it through the blue light blocking-glasses, and there’s no reaction. 

    For £10 you don’t get sizing options, or the possibility of a bespoke prescription lens – but it’s expected at this price. And if you find that these work for you, it’s worth revisiting the other frames on this list. 

    Price: £10 | Amazon 

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