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Unindicted Co-Conspirators to Testify Against Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein Associate Accused Of Sex Crimes


Unindicted Co-Conspirators to Testify Against Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein Associate Accused Of Sex Crimes

Unindicted Co-Conspirators to Testify Against Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein Associate Accused Of Sex Crimes

A court filing in the sex-trafficking prosecution of Ghislaine Maxwell, who is accused of procuring and trafficking young girls for deceased, Deep-State Wall Streeter Jeffrey Epstein (1953–2019), suggests that at many as four suspected co-conspirators will testify at trial or otherwise provide evidence against her.

Federal agents arrested the megawealthy British socialite in July and charged her with multiple felonies, and have filed two superseding indictments since.

Maxwell goes to trial on November 29 and faces the unwelcome prospect that women accused of being co-conspirators years ago might provide the evidence prosecutors need to convict her.

The Latest

The co-conspirators who might testify are not named in the latest filing, a letter to Judge Alison Nathan details negotiations and unsettled matters between federal prosecutors and Maxwell’s attorneys.

Included in the letter is a statement from prosecutors that discloses what they intend to do.

The government “intends to introduce co-conspirator statements either through the testimony of witnesses … or in the exhibits,” the letter says.

The letter, which includes objections from Maxwell, also says the prosecutors plan to use “any unindicted co-conspirator documentary statements (e.g., emails between Epstein and any number of thousands of persons).”

Maxwell Prosecutos Letter 5 21 21

Four unindicted co-conspirators are listed in the non-prosecution agreement that federal prosecutors signed with Epstein in 2008. “The United States agrees that it will not institute any criminal charges against any potential co-conspirators of Epstein, including but not limited to Sarah Kellen, Adriana Ross, Lesley Groff, or Nadia Marcinkova,” the agreement says.

Epstein wangled the pact in exchange for pleading guilty to sex crimes in Florida.

Jeffrey Epstein Non Prosecution Agreement P 6 1

As Politico reported two weeks ago, “according to lawsuits filed by Epstein’s victims, court testimony and police reports, Kellen, Groff and Ross were tasked with scheduling and managing the teenage girls coming in and out of his houses, including collecting contact information, taking messages and arranging the girls’ travel.”

Marcinkova, police reports say, “engaged in sex acts with Epstein’s victims nearly two decades ago. After Epstein was jailed in Florida, she visited him at least 54 times, according to media reports.” Marcinkova claims Epstein purchased her as a “sex slave.”

Testimony and other evidence from the four women could well convict Maxwell, who has repeatedly tried and failed to have the charges against her dismissed.

Judge Nathan rejected her latest plea, which sought to dismiss the superseding indictment a grand jury handed down in March.

Motion To Dismiss Denied 1

Maxwell’s Arrest, Charges

Federal agents ran Maxwell to ground on July 2. She was hiding in a million-dollar lair in Bradford, New Hampshire. 

Prosecutors originally alleged six felonies — four for sex crimes and two for perjury in connection with false testimony in a civil trial. In March, they charged Maxwell with recruiting a 14-year-old to have sex with Epstein, who died under mysterious circumstances in a federal lockup after he was indicted. That indictment is the latest Maxwell tried and failed to have dismissed.

One of Epstein’s many victims claims that Maxwell and Epstein repeatedly raped her in front of her son at a hotel, and that Maxwell threatened to feed her to alligators if she told anyone.

Another victim has accused Maxwell or raping her 20 to 30 times, and said Epstein forced her to abort the child she conceived when he raped her.

Epstein’s most prominent victim, Virginia Giuffre, accused Maxwell of arranging sex between Giuffre and Britain’s Prince Andrew. The prince and Guiffre were photographed together at Maxwell’s home in London. 

Eighth in the line of succession, Andrew was fast friends with Epstein and flew frequently on his private “sex” jet. His mother, Queen Elizabeth, stripped him of his duties and kicked him out of Buckingham Palace.

Though Andrew has claimed he can’t remember Guiffre, he inquired about her in an email to Maxwell.

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Unindicted Co-conspirators to Testify Against Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein Associate Accused of Sex Crimes