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Women’s rights activist shot dead in northern Afghanistan


Women’s rights activist shot dead in northern Afghanistan


Women’s rights activist shot dead in northern Afghanistan

Frozan Safi, 29, is believed to be the first women’s rights defender to be killed since Taliban return to power

Mazar-i-Sharif in northern Afghanistan

On Thursday Human Rights Watch said Taliban rules were prohibiting most women from operating as aid workers in the country, hastening a looming humanitarian disaster.

Activists say they are being hunted down by the Taliban, who have perfected ways to infiltrate and intimidate women’s groups.

Towards the end of last month, Frozan received a call from an anonymous number, telling her to gather proof of her work as a rights defender and leave for a safe house.

This made sense to her: Frozan believed her request for asylum in Germany was under way. She stuffed some documents, including her university diploma, into a bag, threw a black and white scarf over her head and left home, said Rita.

She was wary of pointing her finger at the Taliban. “We just don’t know who killed her,” Rita said. The sisters’ father, Abdul Rahman Safi, 66, said Frozan’s body had been found in a pit not far from the city, and was registered by hospital workers as unknown.

Zahra, another protest organiser who spoke to the Guardian using only one name out of security concerns, said she had been with Frozan at the most recent protest in Mazar-i-Sharif against Taliban rule.

“My WhatsApp has been hacked. I wouldn’t dare go on social media now,” Zahra said.

The extremists have led a largely violent crackdown on dissent, beating women with electric batons and detaining and torturing reporters who cover the nationwide protests by women demanding their rights be restored and protected.

This story is published in partnership with Rukhshana Media.

Zahra Joya contributed to the reporting


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